Does your business need a website?

Does your company need a business website? Learn the shocking truths about why you need a website for your business.

Although nearly all business owners agree that a business website is a great thing to have, about 55 percent still don’t have a website, according to a 2013 survey conducted by Ipsos for Google. While that’s still better than it’s been in years past, you may be missing on an enormous amount of new business without a website.

Every business today needs a website. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 people on staff and revenues of millions or you sell handmade products at the flea market, you still need a website.

Three Reasons Why a Business Website Is a MUST Today

There are dozens of reasons why a website is a “must” for businesses today, but these are our top three reasons.

  1. Customers look for information online: Your customers are searching online for business information. If they don’t find your company’s website, they may find a review site or an online phone book listing that provides basic information, and not much else. The Pew Internet Research Center reports that 92 percent of people in American own cell phones, 71 percent own a desktop or laptop, and 45 percent own tablets. With internet access common no matter where your business is located, customers are pulling out their favorite devices and searching for more information about your business. If they can’t find you, they may not come to you!
  2. 24/7 advertising: Websites act like 24/7 sales people, presenting your message and information to the public even while you sleep. Among the many types of online and offline advertising you can invest in, nothing helps you get in front of people as frequently as a website. Not only is it the salesperson that never sleeps, a website can also sell more of your products or services by sharing information, resources, tips, where to buy locations and more. Even if you do not sell products over the internet, your website can convince people about the benefits of your products before they even leave their computers.
  3. Credibility: Because so many businesses have a website, not having a website today seems suspicious to many customers. It’s almost as if a business is too amateurish or hiding something when they do not have a website. Your competitors probably have a website. Without one, customers may turn to their business websites for more information. That may convince them to shop elsewhere.

Reasons Why Companies Don’t Have Business Websites

Companies give so many reasons for not having a business website. “We’re just a small mom and pop business and we can’t expand, so why have a website?” is one popular reason among small business owners. Other say they’re too busy to build a website.

If you’re too busy to build a business website, it’s time to hire a professional. Building a business website doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Expect to pay a small fee annually for a domain name and site hosting. Your domain and website hosting is where your company “lives” online, like you are renting a building for an office or store.

After acquiring a domain name and a hosting company, a professional business website building company like Funwebsing can create a great website that showcases your company’s unique products and services. We can help you build a brand online, educate your customers about your products and services, and help you market your company once your site is built.

In today’s competitive business climate, every company needs a business website. If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for? Contact Funwebsing today for a free web design estimate.

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